The Vagabond Halfback

It’s 1929 and people wonder, “Can tiny Green Bay hang onto its NFL franchise — the Packers? Curly Lambeau has pulled players from far and wide in order to assemble his team and they look good enough to push for a championship. But how will they fare against teams from the country’s largest cities — modern cities like Chicago and New York?


Along comes Johnny Blood — known as much for his antics off the field as much as his skills on it. Johnny may break curfew and hearts, but he breaks tackles, too. Most Johnny Blood stories involve scotch, women, poetry and feats of derring do.


In Genevieve Frechette, Johnny may have met his match. She’s a smart as he is and she can eyeball a hack a football field away. Still, maybe there’s something more to this Johnny Blood than just another sweet talker.


The Packers test their mettle in the Windy City and the Big Apple on their way to their first NFL title. Johnny Blood’s own mettle is also tested as he tries to get the girl — the one who can see through the veneer.


“The Vagabond Halfback” brings live football action to the theater stage for the very first time anywhere. It’s a historically-accurate depiction of life, love and football set against the backdrop of the tumultuous Roaring Twenties in the face of the Great Depression.


Fans of football and fans of the human heart will find “The Vagabond Halfback” just the thing.